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Territorial Rendezvous

It’s time for all you fur trappers who’ve been trappin’ up in the mountains all year long, to get all your pelts and sundries together, load ‘em on your pack mule, and come on down the mountain to the valley, The Range in New Mexico. We’re also invitin’ all suttlers, purveyors of fine craftsmanship, soldiers, and tenderfoot settlers to join us for this fun time of competition, praise, worship, and fellowship. Get here for the best Rendevoo and Foofaraw yet! Polish up on all your skills cause we’re gonna be huntin’ and searchin’ for The Best Mountain Man in this here territory. Our theme this year is The Cross so prepare your self for what the Lord can and will do in your life, and in the lives of everyone there! I look forward to seeing you there, and until then, keep your powder dry!