Month: January 2018

Answering the Call

In 1962, God called upon a man from North Texas to establish a ministry that over time would minister to untold numbers of boys and men.  At the time, single parent households were on the rise, and it… Read More

What does FCF mean to you?

Ad dare servire. If you are a member of Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship, you should know what that means. And I’m not just talking about what the translation is from the Latin.  “To give and to serve.” To give… Read More

Effective Outpost Communication

In marketing, there is a strategy named “The Rule of 7”.  Behind this strategy is the notion that consumers need to hear or see something seven times before they remember it.  In reality, there is no science to… Read More

The Seven Experiences

Royal Rangers uses seven experiences to guide boys on their journey to godly manhood. You can easily customize any of these experiences to reflect your church’s vision, preferences and practices. CONNECT WITH A COMMUNITY OF GODLY MEN Boys… Read More