The grizzled mountain men of the Plainsmen territory will traverse the rugged trails of the southwest to parley in the majestic New Mexico wilderness. It has been two long years since the frontiersmen of our great brotherhood have gathered in a time of competition, fellowship, praise and worship. Get your buckskins out and your smokepoles seasoned as we take the opportunity to share in the warmth of our fellowship.

As we prepare for the fun and foofaraw at Rendevoo, be reminded of why we get together. It will be a time for grizzled Oldtimers to mentor young men in Christian principles. It will be a time of spiritual renewal for those who are coming to the event operating on an empty tank. It will be a time to encourage each other in true friendship and Christian fellowship. At the very least, take time to view God’s wonderful creation. See you fellers at Rendevoo.


Alabama RR District Director and Riflemen Territorial Rep.

John “Highland Spirit” Robinson will be the featured speaker.



An age-old series of challenging skill events will test the mettle of the frontiersmen willing
to give it a try.

Events will include different spins of the timeless mountain man standards.
Including: shooting, throwing, fire starting, games, outfits, etc..

Expect some surprises!
Arrowhead merit requirements will tie into many of the events.


A competition will be held to determine the National Scout and Territorial Scout
representing the Plainsmen Territory. The Scout Competition is open to all Chapter Scouts.


To Give and Serve – support the Territorial Missions Projects by bidding on some very nice frontier wares and goods. Many items available in the auction will have been made by members of the territory.


The Buffalo Award will be awarded to the top performing Plainsmen chapter at Rendezvous. We’ll see if Buffy will return home to NM or suffer another two years in STX.

Any questions can be directed to the Plainsmen Rep ‐ Ted Schmidt,