Ken Porter


Kenneth L Porter

San Antonio TX, 78218


I work like to make an impact with Rangers on three levels.  Those levels are: 1) individual leaders, Commanders, and men, 2) boys/Rangers and 3) as an organization at all levels.  The stated “mission of Royal Rangers is to provide churches with a platform to evangelize boys for Christ, equip them to become the next generation of Christlike men, and empower them for service as lifelong servant leaders.”

I strongly believe that the Royal Rangers program is the best “tool” or set of tools to enable us to multiply and disciple Christian men and boys.  Hands down! No question! 



Eagle Scout – Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader 

JLTC – Junior Leadership Training Camp, Pack and Paddle, 8 Summer Camps, Philmont Scout Ranch (Backpacking trip)

Royal Rangers


National Royal Rangers – Advanced Academy

National Royal Rangers – National Academy

Instructor Trainor

Certified Instructor

Red Cross Certified instructor for Basic Canoeing

First Aid & CPR

NTC – National Training Camp

North Texas District – Sarge Sellers (Staff Cook)

South Texas District – JTC (Junior Training Camp) Staff Cook, Instructor, JTC – Patrol Advisor, Instructor, AJTC – Patrol Advisor, JCE – Camp Commander

6 years as District Junior Training Coordinator

4 Junior Canoe Expedition Camps

Ranger Basics

Ranger Essentials

All of the Continuous Learning Electives classes

Outpost roles

Outpost age groups taught – Trailblazers, Pioneers, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, Expedition Rangers, Ranger Kids 

Senior Commander, Commander, Outpost Council

Organizational Leadership roles

Regional Coordinator – South Central Region

Deputy District Director, District Outreach Coordinator, Powwow Coordinator, Junior Training Coordinator


Medal of Excellence, National Executive Leadership Award, Leaders Medal of Achievement, Outpost Coordinators Award, District Medal of Merit, District Outstanding Service Award, District Executive Leadership Award, Outpost Leadership Award, Outpost Service Award