Ready UP 2022 Conference Courses Info

Royal Rangers Alumni (RRA) – Rev. Marvin Lemke 

 Royal Rangers Alumni (RRA) is an Affiliate Program that provides a method by which former Royal Rangers leaders, aged 55 years & older, may continue to serve the program in roles outside the local outpost. RRA provides opportunities for members to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with boys and local commanders as time and abilities allow.

Why should Districts embrace the RRA ministry? 

Join Rev. Lemke as he describes his passion to “continue to serve” by reaching boys for Christ while serving in RRA.  His goal is to make the load of making disciples a little lighter for our full-time leaders.  Please join him in this class to learn about the restructured RRA program.

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Using Social Media – Rev. Joe Blackwood –   

Social media is computer-based technology that streamlines the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through virtual networks and communities.

Join Rev. Blackwood as he demonstrates how Royal Rangers leaders can effectively leverage social media platforms within the outpost and organizational levels.

Outreach 101– Rev. Roger Freels –   Biography

The Royal Rangers mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

Jesus commanded His disciples to evangelize the world.  That commission has not changed!  It is even more important in today’s world to evangelize, equip, and empower boys and young men to emulate Christ.

We cannot be content or complacent on how we execute the Great Commission within our outposts, sections, and districts.  We must be a force for evangelism within the local church and abroad.

Join Rev. Freels as he facilitates a “think tank” to learn various ways to be more effective at reaching our local communities.

Outreach (Organizational Leadership concepts) – Rev. Roger Freels

Do you want to learn how Sections, Divisions, and Districts can more effectively and efficiently reach their communities? 

Rev. Freels will introduce the Google “My Maps” application tool and showing how it can be easily set up so that Organizational leadership can effectively coordinate in contacting current outposts as well as reaching out to churches who do not use Royal Rangers as their discipleship arm to minister to boys and young men.

Royal Rangers International – Rev. Jeremiah Hembree

God is at work raising a mighty generation worldwide to live and lead missionally through Royal Rangers International. In this session you will hear some of the testimonies as well as how you can be a part of this world changing movement. We want you to the be challenged and equipped to help continue to build a heart and vision for missions in your Rangers.

Canva  – Raul Ramos   

Need help creating memes and other images for email and social media?  In this class you will learn how to use Canva to take your outpost’s communication to the next level.  To get the most out of this class, please bring a laptop or other internet enabled device.

Demo for new Ranger App – Roger Freels

The national office is in the process of making a new resource that will replace the old outpost Navigator program.  This is not totally ready for release yet but is almost ready for “beta” testing.   You will see how this new web driven website will work and benefit your outpost.

Camporama 2022 –    Doug Collins

There is no better place to celebrate Royal Rangers 60th Anniversary than at Camp Eagle Rock, Missouri during Camporama 2022!  Thousands of men and boys from all over the nation and the world will come to Camp Eagle Rock to celebrate.  It’s going to be a camping event for the ages!

Whether it’s your first time to attend or have attended many times over the years, you’ll definitely want to hear Doug provide the most up-to-date information on what to expect at this year’s Camporama!

Planning an Outpost Outing – Doug Collins

One of the “seven experiences” of Royal Rangers is to do fun activities.  There is no better way to experience fun than for boys and leaders to enjoy outings.

In order to maintain a healthy and thriving outpost, Royal Ranger leaders should plan on periodic outpost outings.  Successful outposts have outings.  

Join Doug as he facilitates a “think tank” to learn various ways your outpost can thrive by successfully planning and executing an outpost outing for your boys and leaders.

Gold Medal of Achievement Ceremony Ideas – Rev. Bob Jensen, PhD  Biography  

The Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) is the highest award available to boys in the Royal Rangers program. This prestigious award can only be achieved after many years of continuous effort in Royal Rangers.

So, your Royal Ranger boy (who is not yet 18 years old) finished all the requirements to earn his GMA.  How can you make this achievement memorable for his family and friends?

Join Rev. Jensen as he facilitates a “think tank” to learn various ways you can highlight your GMA recipient and honor him for his achievement.

Running a Successful Ranger Derby – Ted Schmidt.   Biography

Ranger Derby has been one of the most popular and highly anticipated events that outposts and sections have run over the past several decades.  Many churches, sections and districts have used this powerful resource to help not only minister to their outpost, but also involve parents.  

Join Ted as he covers the many things Ranger leaders should be aware of when planning a Ranger Derby event.   

Running a Successful Science Merit Field Day –   Clint Bryan, PhD –   

Royal Ranger boys and young men love to learn new things, especially when it involves science and technology.

Dr. Bryan will explain the process for developing a Science Merit Field Day event.  He’ll demonstrate how he obtained a support staff through Chi Alpha and invited program experts who exhibited Christ-like character while demonstrating their scientific competency.

Dr. Bryan will also explore the philosophy of an activity that is worth a thousand words.  This course will transition to applications that have been enjoyed by Royal Rangers during the event.

Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers Together Plan – Rev. Sid McCoy / Rev. Liz Moon

The Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers Together Plan provides an option for churches with a big vision but a small staff, allowing them to have the gender-specific distinctives they want while operating with combined staff. 

Join Revs. McCoy and Moon as they explore how these combined ministries that are based on age-level clubs and outposts, break out for gender-specific mentoring opportunities during the evening.  Learn how you can use this Plan for the local church’s advantage.

Running a Successful Outpost Meeting – Rev. Ronn Cunningham

Rev. Cunningham demonstrates how an interactive model outpost meeting occurs while covering the main components of the meeting during the session.

Sewing concepts – Rev. Roger Freels

Is your well-earned Royal Ranges event patches and merits piling up in the corner of the room or are you tired of having fingers that hurt while manually sewing on patches? 

If so, this course is for you!

Rev. Freels will conduct a workshop to learn how to use a sewing machine to properly sew on patches.

Training Academy – Rev. Daniel Clark

Training Academy prepares graduates to teach in the Rangers Ministry Academy and is a prerequisite for attending all other academies.

Rev. Clark will facilitate this training in partnership with the SCR districts.  To attend Training Academy to become a certified instructor, you must meet certain prerequisites and be recommended by your District Directors.  Pre- tests are required.

NRA Range Safety Officer  – Rev. Kasey Bruce

The National Rifle Association (NRA) Range Safety Officer program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally recognized range safety officer certification. NRA Range Safety Officers are people who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

Those attending the NRA RSO training will learn:

  • Introduction to the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Development Course
  • The Role of the NRA Range Safety Officer and Range Standard Operating Procedures
  • Range Inspection and Range Rules
  • Range Safety Briefing
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Firearm Stoppages and Malfunctions
Centershot Basic Archery Instructor – Rev. Kasey Bruce
Training your instructors is extremely important to the long-term safety and success of your Centershot ministry.

Centershot uses the same training protocol as National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).  Centershot is the official partner and certifier for Archery programs within the Royal Rangers ministry, offering Hybrid course. 

The hybrid option combines on-line learning and testing (4 hours) with an in-person field day (4 hours).  Students must complete the online portion and pass the test prior to attending the in-person training. No prior archery experience is needed.

Rev. Bruce will teach students how to safely and effectively run an archery ministry within your outpost and/or church. 

Blacksmithing Demonstration – Nic Overton 

Blacksmithing, also known as Forging, uses techniques that are centered around four main stages of the blacksmithing process: Heating, Holding, Hitting, and Shaping.

Nic will demonstrate the four stages of the blacksmith process.  This is a demonstration you do not want to miss!